Message from Director CEJ


Journalism is more than reporting the news; it is about understanding the world around us and inspiring others into action. As our media industry boomed nearly two decades ago, journalists scrambled to provide news and, as more channels were added to the mix, the news industry struggled with key issues like ethics, professional standards and adaption of innovative reporting methods.

The Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at the Institute of Business Administration recognises that good quality journalism is a pressing need of our times and is an important pillar for a struggling democracy. The CEJ strives to provide support and education for Pakistan's journalism community through trainings, online presence, and networking opportunities.

The CEJ is an initiative for the professional development, training and networking of Pakistani journalists and media professionals. Based in IBA's City Campus in Karachi, it offers online and in-person training modules for journalists and media professionals from all parts of Pakistan. In addition to classroom and office space, the CEJ area includes a working broadcast studio and well-equipped multimedia lab and editing suites.

Faculty from the Medill School of Journalism and other prestigious American institutions and organizations as well as eminent local journalists conduct hands-on, skills-based courses geared towards meeting the needs of Pakistani newsrooms. It also helps that the CEJ is closely linked with the Pakistani news media industry and works under an advisory board comprising some of Pakistan's most prominent and experienced editors and media professionals.

The CEJ has been recognised as the best and one-of-its-kind training facility in the region and we hope to expand its reach, not only to all parts of Pakistan, but to other countries in the region. It is a challenging task that we have undertaken and so far trained more than 700 professionals in the field. We see this as a beginning to bigger and greater things in journalism.

-Kamal Siddiqi | Director CEJ

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