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Editing for Print and Web

Editing for Print and Web

KARACHI: The Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) yet again conducted a training for print and digital media professionals, "Editing for Print and Web". Held from March 13th to 24th, 2017 at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, the course was taught by Marda Dunsky, lecturer at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University. She had also taught in 2015 at the CEJ and her course remains one of the most popular courses.

Dunsky is also the author of "Watch Your Words: A Writing and Editing Handbook for the Multimedia Age" which was published in June 2015 and serves as a guide for the journalists who aim to improve their copy and writing in general.

The training was co-taught by Atika Rehman, managing editor and features editor for Dawn.com. The course was attended by twenty-four journalists representing various media organizations across Pakistan.

The sessions during the course provided the students ample opportunities to both discuss matters of practice and theory with their professional peers while also applying the lessons in practical exercises.

Over two weeks, students learned basics of editing that including the "ABC" concept; to edit for Accuracy Brevity and Clarity. It also addressed language mechanics, grammar and its usage, and after several hands-on exercises, participants were able to analyze news content for coherence, detail and structure.

Besides working on editing basics, students also had lessons on journalism ethics, fundamentals of news judgment, and the importance of mastering editing skills. All sessions during the course were highly interactive in order to give students a chance to work with their peers and have one-on-one discussions with the instructor.

The exhaustive drills on editing, writing and re-writing enabled the participants to demonstrate strong understanding of news writing, editing, ethics, creating headlines, writing ledes, use of quotation and attributions, and other fundamentals of crafting an effective and error-free story.

Dr. Syed Raza Gardezi, Project Head at Shehri- Citizens for a Better Environment, conducted an insightful session on "Right To Information (RTI)". During his lecture, he briefed the journalists about Freedom of Information (FOI) Ordinance, 2002 of Pakistan and Sindh FOI Ordinance. Participants were informed about appropriate use of RTI to access any kind of information about the different public sector departments for development, accountability or academic use. Participants were also told about the legal procedures that included filing an RTI request.

Another guest session on journalists' safety was conducted by Lala Hassan of Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) and followed by interesting Q&A session.

At the end of the course, certificates of completion were distributed to the participants while the trainers and CEJ director, Kamal Siddiqi delivered end note speeches.

Editing for Print and Web
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