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TV Talk Show Production

TV Talk Show Production

KARACHI: The Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) organized an intensive two-week training on "TV Talk Show Production" from September 26 to October 7, 2016 at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. The course was attended by 28 working broadcast journalists from across Pakistan representing various media organizations.

The course was taught by Garry Pierre-Pierre, a Pulitzer Prize-winning, multi-media and entrepreneurial journalist, who is the co-host of "Independent Sources" on CUNY TV and a senior producer. He is the founder of the City University Graduate School of Journalism's Center for Community and Ethnic Media.

The class was co-taught by Faisal Sayani, a freelance journalist, independent filmmaker and Karachi based producer most recently with Dawn News.

To make it more useful for the students, the course was broken down into two parts, editorial and technical. The editorial component included topics like research, choosing the right topic, guest selection, background briefing notes, and writing the questions/scripts.

On the other hand, the technical component focused on how to use lighting, camera, sound, graphics, and the control room to produce a program as all these elements affect the feel of the show.

In addition to the regular lessons, media trainer and senior journalist, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa from Geo News conducted a guest session on journalists' safety. An interesting interaction took place between the trainer and students during various exercises that were instrumental in providing applied knowledge to the working journalists.

Mr. Kamal Siddiqi, Director CEJ, also led a session on media ethics and conflict of interest.

As part of their final project, the students produced a high-quality 30-minute talk show recorded in CEJ's state-of-the-art broadcast studio which perfectly showcased their newly acquired skills and techniques. The students got detailed feedback from their trainers- Garry and Faisal- at the end of each of show produced by the students who worked in different teams to accomplish the goal.

At the end of the course, students learned to use all the skills available inside a television studio to make their program essential viewing, to set the agenda and how to shape public opinion.

The students termed their experience as extremely productive and helpful and said that they were determined to apply those freshly acquired skills into their TV programs.

After successfully completing the training, participants received their certificates of completion while end note speeches were delivered by Garry, Faisal and CEJ program manager, Ms. Christie Lauder.

TV Talk Show Production
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