CEJ hosts Women in Journalism roundtable

On 10th February, the CEJ hosted a private roundtable on 'Women in Journalism' on the request of Christina Tomlinson, Counselor for Public Affairs US Embassy Islamabad. Prominent female journalists from Karachi were invited for tea and a private conversation with Tomlinson about the issues specific to being a woman in the media industry in Pakistan. The conversation included topics as women being pushed out of or discouraged from field reporting, expectations that women would exit the workplace after marriage or motherhood, and the pervasive problem of sexual harassment in the workplace.

In addition to Tomlinson and Melissa O'Shaughnessy of the Embassy, and Sharlina Hussain-Morgan from the Karachi Consulate, also in attendance was Atika Rehman of Dawn.com, Shayan Naveed of Tribune Labs, Afia Salam (freelance), Zebunnisa Burki of Jang Group, Lubna Naqvi also of Jang, Nefer Sehgal (freelance photojournalist), and Ghazala Fasih of Nawai Waqt.