We at CEJ believe that proper and well-equipped work spaces lead to productive results. Our Newsroom is equipped with 31 computers, including five Macintosh stations. An 80-inch LED screen and audio system has also been installed for trainings and lectures. The News Room can accommodate 25-30 students at a time.

Moreover, the CEJ has six Editing Suites, each equipped with its own Macintosh computer and professional voice-over recording system. The Editing Suites have licensed software installed.

The CEJ also offers a modern television studio and Production Control Room (PCR) to help broaden the learning of our students. Our studio is equipped with HD cameras, microphones and professional lights. The PCR features professional digital audio mixer, video switchers, graphics machine, play-out servers, professional communication system and a teleprompter machine.

We have well-designed and comfortable rooms for our staff members and an all-purpose meeting room that enhances their productivity.

The CEJ is also introducing its own FM Radio channel, which is going to be an educational campus radio channel.

To enable our students to become familiar with the latest tools and technology in reporting, the CEJ also offers ENG kits, MoJo kits, iPod Touch devices and DSLR cameras.