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Trainings for Journalists

CEJ provides trainings and workshops for journalists and media personnel from across Pakistan. They’re held on a range of topics relevant to the field such as Data, Digital, Mobile and Investigative journalism among others. All of our trainings are sponsored by various organizations.

These trainings provide journalists opportunities to learn new skills. Modules are designed keeping in mind the goals of the workshop and the target audience. Applications are opened for both working journalists as well as media students to give them an opportunity to learn from media professionals. The workshops cater to basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Applicant requirements are listed in the call for applications.

CEJ’s trainers are drawn from a pool of senior national and international journalists experienced in conducting trainings and workshops.

Media Presentation Skills Development

The Media Presentation workshop at CEJ aims to give intense and personalized training sessions to senior executives, company spokespersons and government officials in small groups, on how to convey the key message of their organizations, confidently and professionally, in various types of interviews.

These trainings familiarize executives with the nature and tactics of media and educate them on fundamental crisis management techniques with regard to the communication strategy of their organizations. Participants are also given an overview of the state of media. They also allow for the formulation of an effective communication strategy that will both enhance the image of their organization and ensure effective communication during crises.

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